Johann Sebastian Guadalupe Cabada-Guerrero

October 16, 1995 – May 3, 2013

His message was simple, “Love and Faith”

My dear family and friends, thank you for sharing this precious moment with us once again. The first time we were all united was the celebration of my son’s cross over and now we gather to celebrate his 18th birthday, his journey through life and many blessing from our Heavenly Father. My son was born on the seventh month of my pregnancy, Oct 16, 1995 at 2:30 p.m., weighing only 3lbs and 8 oz … that day was the beginning of my son’s fight for his life. Throughout his journey, my son faced many challenges that cultivated his being, strengthened his heart and elevated his faith. His challenges were beyond human tolerance, but for my son he prevailed because of his faith. We did not understand then how a boy who was faced with man’s challenges would survive over and over again. As we focused on saving him, he was focused on saving his brothers and sisters.

It has been five months since my son’s cross over and every day since then we have seen, felt and smelled the beauty of God’s creation here on earth. We understand now how my son prevailed. He BELIEVED in our Heavenly father. Psalm 146: verse 8 tells us “The Lord Gives Sight to the Blind”. My son saw the beauty of life and of all mankind. He built his knowledge from the diverse thoughts and behaviors of other. His compassionate heart healed the unloved, him humility taught us to give more and receive less. Because he believed in our Heavenly Father, God lifted from him his pain, sadness, suffering, confusion and loneliness so that he could pursue his passion for performing his duties as a servant of our Lord. Many students have shared with us beautiful stories of my son’s counseling; counseling to teach self love, counseling to help them refrain from hurting themselves, counseling to prevent them from taking any unknown chemicals that should not be taken, and/or counseling on mending a relationship with their parents. Although he struggled he never played the victim or allowed any of you to know it because his mission was to teach fortitude, love and faith. The scripture tells us live for today and not tomorrow or yesterday for the moment of today might be missed. My son honored this scripture. Every day he lived it like it was his last day, fulfilling his duties her on earth before he became a main in our Father’s Kingdom.

Dearest Students, Thank You for honoring my son’s passion for putting a smile and giving hope to all who have a health condition. This month is Cancer awareness month and your participation in wearing pink today is a reflection of your love for my son and his cause.

My Lord, My Heavenly Father, Father of us all, Thank You for entrusting us with your angel, with your warrior for seventeen years and seven months. Every day of our life you have blessed us with your glory more then we could have ever imagine. Thank You for giving him eternal peace and happiness. We worry no more. Please bless all who are present her today with your glory.

October 19, 2013 11:00 a.m.