Mike Richmond, Abel Mendoza and Sal Monteleongo Join SportsTalk

This event for World Kindness Day is happening TONIGHT at Kendra Scott.

Lucid Love interview with Victor Cruz at 92.3 the Fox

Lucid Love with help of KFox helps la Academia Dolores Huerta on a day of Love and Faith

Lucid Love presents at La Academia Dolores Huerta

Lucid love speaks on Bullying

Lucid love gets help

Telemundo Lucidlove.org

You Tube: Lucid Love helps promote the 75th anniversary of Golden Gloves El Paso.

Hoop dreams

Sal Montelongo talks Golden Gloves

Sal Montelongo speaks basketball with Wayne Thornton of parks and recreation

Sal Montelongo speaks about life issues with Wayne Thornton of parks and recreation

Camp Haskins #1

Golden Gloves 2018 Sal lil 2 excited

76th Annual Golden Gloves

Mother of bullying victim shares experience with students

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