Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization that is funded by contributions to instill a future for broken people. All generous donations will go to pay for educational camps to help people gain confidence for oneself and respect for others. Summer camp is coming up so we are working diligently to build a safe haven for strengthening one’s self-esteem. The proceeds will be used for the following but not limited to; youth basketball camps, boxing camps, health fairs, seminars, heath coaching etc…

Veronica Cabada

Founder of Lucid Love

Veronica Cabada, dedicated philanthropist, is the founder of Lucid Love. She has a double degree in Finance / Management from the University of Texas at El Paso. Veronica has been working for a Fortune 10 company for over twenty-three years in upper management and has achieved numerous awards for her dedication to customer service.

She is a mother of three, Johann Sebastian, Angeles Europa and Luis Enrique Cabada. With the passing of her first born, Johann Sebastian, Veronica has embarked on a journey to fight for victims’ rights and be the voice for the unheard. Her personal story is inspirational; one of trials, tribulations and TRIUMPH!

A purposeful and gifted life teacher, she is passionate about helping those who are broken in spirit. Her mission is to build the core of their existence through love and faith.

Sal Montelongo

Director of Lucid Love

Sal Montelongo, a humanitarian, is the Director of Lucid Love. Prior to working for the non-profit organization, Sal was a decorated athlete throughout his childhood and young adult life. He battled with self-esteem issues throughout his career. Sal found strength through the belief in one’s self and now holds a basketball camp that preaches self-love and respect for others. His belief is to help one child at a time to ensure all of their unique needs are addressed.

I too have a been through a lot and my depression gave me an alternative to end my pain. My faith helped me through my numerous incarcerations and hospitalizations. For some reason, I Iived to tell about it. People in authority have asked me why do I care enough to help and I reply with no hesitation: I care for you so you will never go through what I have been through.

I am but a soul that my higher power uses to help make sure you know the truth about life. It is a beautiful experience and knowledge is power. Please reach out to us here at lucidlove.org I promise I care.

Sal Montelongo, Director, Lucid Love

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